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Alotech, Ltd. is an independent development and manufacturing company specializing in alloy casting and the refinement of a patented liquid to solid conversion process

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Alotech Ablation: In Demand

Ablation, otherwise known as HydroSolidification by Alotechâ„¢ is attracting the interest of major corporations throughout the world with over 40 international patents and counting

HydroSolidification (Ablation) was developed as an alternative to the forging process which exhibit highly desirable properties/characteristics, but is relatively expensive and not well suited for low to medium volume production.

HydroSolidification is much more flexible. Hydrosolidification capitalizes on casting technology for its ability to make highly complex geometries as well as hollow parts with faster and lower cost design changes. The connection to castings ends there. Hydrosolidification is a new process which can make parts from wrought based alloys which are not castable and achieve better or equal properties than forging.

In HydroSolidification, liquid water is used to cool the liquid metal into a solid, but in an extremely controlled manner. Hence the name hydro-solidified. The mold package disappears, and hence the name Ablation (Ablated).

Components produced by ablation can be complex or simple in design. Significantly shortened timeline and product development from concept to production. One-offs will have same properties as a final production part. Allows designers to fix issues easily. Lowers design and tooling risks. Higher material properties versus other processes in same alloy.